Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunday afternoon was wonderful. Mark's mom [Brenda] and I made a road trip to Wilsons Market to check out their produce & famous pretzel bread. Upon arrival, the building was a small red barn and we were wondering how they could have all the products they named in one small building? Well we got our answer when we walked in! It was packed full of jam, jelly, candies, spices, produce, meats (grass fed), Amish cheese, baked goods, fudge, and homemade ice cream.

We were overwhelmed but took one quick look around the place then went back to where we started to fill our baskets. We bought so many goodies including their famous pretzel bread, ice cream, and fudge. We weren't planning on buying fudge but once we tasted the "payday" and "Pumpkin pie" we were sold. 

                                                           Does that look sinful or what?

The rest of the evening was spent studying and relaxing. Brenda made a gorgeous Apple Pie but after the ice cream and pretzel bread I was stuffed!

Sorry for the cell phone picture. 

I suggest anyone who lives in northern or central Indiana visit Wilson's Farmers Market

Keep it happy, Keep it healthy, Keep it sweet!

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